another letter from a pleased customer.

Posted at by ARElevator on 08/03/2010

this letter is from Paul Henry (James H. Cone, INC)

July 30, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

As manager of Cone Building I &II in Little Rock for the past eight years, I am writing this letter of reference for Arkansas Elevator LLC.

We have two elevators that are each over 20 years old. While we have had a relatively good track record over the years on their operation, we are occasionally faced with elevator repair, maintenance and inspection issues like everyone else. In the past, I have been forced to rely on some larger elevator companies in the area to maintain our elevators and equipment. I was often not pleased with the customer service or high pricing.

When I heard there was another option for elevator service in the area, I was excited. While I didn't know J.J. Harrington and Arkansas Elevator LLC, I thought they would be worth trying.  The bottom line is that I could not be more pleased. Mr. Harrington has the highest regard for us as a client. His customer service cannot be surpassed and I completely trust him to provide us with honest assessments of our elevator repair issues. Their labor cost is also consistently much less than what I experienced with the other elevator companies.

I recommend Arkansas Elevator, LLC without reservation.


Paul Henry

James H. Cone, Inc.